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Thank God it’s on 3DS. I’ll get one of those. Because I’m not getting a Wii U.


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Ooh, A Piece Of Candy…

The Experiment, Vol. 2….

Yeah, man. This is going to be fun. I wouldn’t put out this beat tape unless I was 100% confident in it. And although this is a hobby I enjoy doing… It’s taken on a bit of a life of it’s own. So I’m going to adjust to make sure it’s the quality that I’d expect from anyone else doing it.

Soon, though. Check the first one if you haven’t…

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Our thoughts and prayers are truly with those affected by the tragedies in Boston today during the marathon. I only ask a few things from you right now…

Don’t be inconsiderate to those affected. The jokes aren’t cool. They never were to begin with, and it truly takes a selfish person to try to spin something as a joke this close to a devastating event like this.

Don’t assume. We don’t know who did this, or what race, gender or ethnicity they were… So for a moment, just show some sympathy without an ulterior motive.

Don’t forget that we’re blessed… If you happen to be reading this, it means that you have more time to appreciate than others were granted. No words can truly explain how precious that is, but maybe in tragedy others can realize that for themselves.

We’ll post more music tomorrow. For now… pray for Boston.


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